I've been in the industry for awhile now and the most important thing to me is that you enjoy your day. I promise to do everything I can to make sure that happens! On a wedding day I can read situations really well, which allows me to anticipate what you may need. I always make sure I know who the Best Man and MOH are so I can ask them to help keep everything on track. Before the wedding even happens, I send you a questionnaire that tells me just about anything I need to know and I include tips and tricks to help the day go smoothly! I also make sure I ask what shots are important or must haves for you on the big day because that's really important to me. I'll create a timeline based on the coverage you have me booked for so that you can feel confident in the day and where we need to be at what times - like getting you into hiding before guests arrive and also making sure you both get to the cocktail hour! ;)












How to book

Now that you've gotten to know me a little bit, I hope you feel like we would be a great fit! If you do, the next part is easy! Reach out by clicking one of the numerous "let's chat" buttons on this site and let's make it happen! I can't wait to hear your vision for your day and help make it an amazing experience. And don't forget, whether it's vendor recommendations, shoot locations, or even just what to wear, I'm here to help so don't hesitate to ask! xo

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