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That lovely photo at the top is my sweet little family. My motto is fun, bright and happy because that's what I strive for and what I am drawn to. However, I realize not everything goes perfectly and can't always be those three things. My life is no exception! Let me tell you a quick story, right after that lovely photo on the top was taken we told our photographer good-bye, got in our car and BAM. Battery is dead and the sun is quickly setting. Did I mention we were 1.5 hrs from home and it was already past our son's bedtime?! AHHH...needless to say we were stuck for over an hour before a tow truck reluctantly helped us out. Y'all..Idk if I have ever been so stressed in my life, haha. All that to say, I'm a real person who deals with real life struggles too and I get it. I'm here for you and want you to know I will do everything I can to make sure you have an amazing experience with me!   

fun. bright. happy.

First of all, I already think you’re awesome. Why? Because of alllll the photographers in this world (and ya, there’s a lot of us!) you are here, reading about me. *Cue the tears* So, let me get to it! First and foremost, there’s a 99% chance I’ve been exactly where you are right now. Planning engagement photos? Been there, ask me about my engagement photos when we work together - it’s a funny story. Planning a wedding? Check. Looking for maternity photos? Done that! Planning a family photo session? Yup, and no, your child is not the only one who hates their photo taken, I feel you and I get it. So no matter why you landed on my page, I can probably relate and I’m here for you!! I’ve lived it, I’ve seen A LOT and I want to provide you with an amazing experience!

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